Relinquished Hope

Like a blooming flower emerging through the cracks of cemented walkways on the weary streets, she enforces her beauty upon the hovering souls, both lost and found – infiltrating their minds with wonder without a single sound. Dragging feet come to a halt with an overwhelming feeling of intrigue, submerged in blissful confusion on just how she came to be. Who is she? No, this isn’t your everyday type of girl. Her scent like a hallucinating elixir guaranteed to shake up anybody’s world.

….But she doesn’t see it. The fog in her mind won’t allow her to believe it, she’s broken, adrift. There’s an eerie calmness that surrounds her, for she is in the eye of a storm – on a destructive path, so young, yet tattered and worn. Hope is slipping further and further into that dark abyss as she spins uncontrollably to her demise. It’s no wonder she feels that every positive word spoken to her is a treacherous lie. In all actuality, the promise in her devastation is nothing less than breathtaking, but she just doesn’t see it, foolishly refusing to believe it. Perhaps she’s addicted to her chaos, addicted to her pain – rejecting the sun, welcoming the rain. She shoos away the helping hand, with no appetite for the nourishing crop growing on better land. So what does one do with a girl like she? The only thing you can do – let her be, destructively free.

Written by Tamica Nicole Copyright © 2017 All Rights Reserved

via Daily Prompt: Devastation

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Monika kelly says:

    You never disappoint!


    1. Thank you so much! Man I love you Monika, you always show so much love and support without effort!


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