Dear Aquarius III

I am a true Aquarius to the depth of my core, but for the past couple of months I’ve felt more like an Aquarius than I ever have before. I haven’t done one of these segments in a while, I suppose I was too busy out there being a damn Aquarius, loll – one can imagine the complexities that might involve.  Today I want to talk about the conditions of the Aquarius heart, linked to the Aquarius mind. Let’s face it; we make shit extremely difficult for ourselves and for others, when our hearts are on the line. Why? Because surrendering the Aquarius heart is no easy task. We are not the type of people who attach to individuals and let our guards down so nonchalantly. We have some big fears man!

  • Not having the freedom or individuality we desire.
  • Being replaced.
  • Giving too much of ourselves and losing who we are in the process.

All three of these fears go hand in hand. Being that it takes so much to give ourselves to a person, it’s like the end of the world when they reject us. They have no idea what we have given up, and the effort in which it took to give it up. If we get to a place where we trust you enough with our hearts and feel you have the proper amount of respect for our minds, but you throw it all away, deeming it undesirable; OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!

The freedom and natural charm of the Aquarius gives off this gravitating mystery, the only thing is that all types of people gravitate to this mystery – the good, the bad, AND the ugly! They all want whatever it is that they feel we’re selling, they want their piece. Normally, because we are individualists who thrive on our freedom and space, we usually ignore these people. Why? Because people come with a whole lot of shit we just don’t want to be bothered with. However, there are always a few that slip through the cracks. They have said the right thing, or hold themselves in such away that makes us gravitate to them. We link, we talk, we relate, and then the impossible happens – we trust and we let our guards down. We feel safe; our freedom isn’t threatened and our individuality isn’t on the line. Our hearts become open and spill over with compassion and affection for the one we now feel safe with. We are being loved and accepted for exactly who we are, or so we think.

Listen, I understand that we all have the right to change our minds. Sure, “Umm I want you. We click on so many levels. Gosh, be mine forever.  You know what? Never mind, no I don’t want you. We don’t click at all, byeeee.” Bruh. How delightful, but the fucked up part is that while we were trusting you and calming our internal chaos enough to let you in, we’ve attached to you, we’ve grown fond of you, and we’ve invested in you. We normally don’t come with an off switch once we’re on. Finding that off switch is like finding a needle in a haystack with a blindfold on – the shit is hard! To move forward as if we didn’t wear our skin inside-out can sometimes take superhuman strength! All the while trying to shy from the quivering thought of being replaced can take us on a downward spiral of emotions. If you thought we were detached before, you’ve felt nothing more colder than a heartbroken Aquarius.

So I say all of this to speak to that Aquarius who may be sitting somewhere feeling low, because they put it all out on the line only to be thrown away. We aren’t for everybody, and a lot of times people will change their minds. Consider their rejection as a gift (a goddamned bullet you just dodged), and keep being that free spirited, awesome person that sticks out like a sore thumb in every crowd. It takes a special person, and I do mean special, to grasp you in your entirety. Besides, the ones who threw you away only made room for the blessed individual, who will for sure be a winner. Don’t fret, just hold tight Dear Aquarius. 

Be peace!

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