Coffee Beans

What is it about the smell of fresh coffee beans, the sound of tiny stirring spoons hitting porcelain mugs ever so subtlety, and the muffled murmurs of universal conversation that get the senses aroused? I looked outside the window of my favorite coffee shop upon the congested street and shuttered at the thought of reality beyond the glass and looked away. Why couldn’t life be as simple as the everyday happening within these four walls? I come here for peace of mind – I come here to silently mingle with the troubled minds that surround me, because really, aren’t we all troubled in some way? No matter what you have, no matter what you lack, there’s still trouble lingering about.

“What troubles you young lady?” I heard a whispering mind ask.

I looked up from the daily newspaper I was pretending to read in front of me in search of the person who was silently speaking to me. All I found were scattered individuals in their own dreamland, attempting to escape their own realities. I saw smiles, I saw frowns, and I saw tears quickly being wiped away in hopes of going of unnoticed – tears in remembrance of what was or what was yearned to be. I took a deep breath and slowly inhaled the deliciousness of the fresh coffee beans and the faint scent of hazelnut. I exhaled my troubles, delivering my answer to the silent mind unknown.

“Loneliness”, my mind whispered back.

“But you aren’t alone, I am here,” I heard another whispering mind respond. I suspiciously looked around again with a more urgent search than before.

“I am here too”, another said.

“We’re all here and we’ve always been here, you are not alone”, they all said in unison.

A sense of calmness wrapped its arms around me, and suddenly I felt safe. I looked out beyond the glass again, only this time I didn’t shy away. The reality that crawls through the mean streets, in every direction isn’t as intimidating as it once was. I don’t know where the whispers were coming from, but I felt obliged to believe them – I am not alone. I scanned my favorite coffee shop one last time and inhaled the fresh scent of coffee beans – my senses peaked, and I noticed a collective array of smiles. Perhaps we all heard the voices; all the mingling, troubled minds alike. Perhaps I’ll come back tomorrow.

Written by Tamica Nicole © 2016
In response to the Daily Prompt: Percolate
Photo Credit: Kuba Bozanowski


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