Silenced by Ebony Sowells

Through clenched teeth
I agree
But they might as well
Had put tape on me
Bounded my mouth
Stolen my words
Possessed my confidence
And cut my chords
Because I’ve done unspeakable things
As if controlled by crossed wood
Attached to long strings
From my head my arms
My legs my feet
They stole my “NO”
And stole my dreams
Reshaped my world
Tinted my view
Made me in his image
And left no clues
To tunnels
To windows
To ladders
To doors
To trains
To plains
To escape
No more
They dressed me plainly
And called it cool
They changed my language
To “proper” from “fool”
They taught me to read
But not between the lines
Taught me when I’m hurt
To say that I’m fine
Took my books
And filled them with lies
And raped my land
And screamed don’t cry
Took my seeds
And stripped their fruit
Of off spring
of futures
Of hope
of truth
They said just trust
Your father will come
But when I’d call him
They said talk to his son
A maze
a conundrum
A ruse
Torn between paradise
And what’s in the news
Convicted by the distance
Between truth and religion
Proof found in beatings
A prayer to god
but no convictions
Stripped of my humanity
Around my neck
fingers bound
Crying out for an end
and stripped of a sound

Written by Ebony Sowells © 2016
Photo Credit: Google

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  1. jme says:

    🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 love it boo. Such a beautiful mind 😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

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