Summer’s Breeze

Elizabeth Appell: “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”

Goosebumps arise on my skin as the wind of summer’s end caresses me softly and unapologetically. I am alive. In my life’s past, there has been a treacherous number of feelings that I’ve desperately tried to escape. So many mirrors I’ve tried to break, just to avoid those haunting reflections of myself. I’ve been addicted and terrified of the darkness simultaneously. The push and pull, the up and down, the on and off; constant pleas, bringing me to my knees…let me off, let me out. In those times, I didn’t want to feel anyone or anything, I barely wanted to breathe. Just let me be. As the breeze dries the tears into my flesh, I don’t feel sadness, I feel an abundance of gratitude. I am alive. I am happy to feel EVERYTHING on this path. Disconnecting from my last, fully equipped for the good and the bad. Ignoring the calls of my yesterdays, those are just loose demons that have gone astray. No, go away! I pray, please keep me submerged in the light, I was born to win this fight. One million wrongs never stood a chance to this ONE right…I got this. 

P.s – To the Lover tangled in Summer’s breeze, thank you for allowing me to feel again, and helping me unlock what has always been within.  My Valentine, my special friend, I pray you find your reason to fly…


Photo Credit: Summer Breeze by Simoendli

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