My Dearest Sister, My Dearest Friend

Dear Sister of mine,

I’ll never be able to thank you for all that you have been to me thus far. Every tear that you’ve wiped away from my eyes, and every smile that you’ve brought to my face; I am greatly appreciative. I would be dead and gone if you weren’t present in my life, this is fact. I am your keeper and you are mine. I will protect you until your very last breath, I promise you this. There is no doubt in my mind that you will do the same, because you already have. I’ve wanted to take many last breaths, but you are always right there to tell me that I am worth another, and another, and another. You keep me alive and I thank you. When I think that I have no one in this world, that no one will ever love someone like me for exactly who I am, you remind me that I am extraordinary, that I am a force to be reckoned. You’re always a tight embrace away, my God your embrace, words cannot express the comfort that it brings me. Thank you for holding me when my knees become weak, and I feel that I can no longer stand on my own two feet. Thank you for helping me continue to stand firm in my beliefs, no matter who doubts them. Thank you for telling me that I am enough and that I am one of a kind. Thank you for never turning your back on me, when everyone else did. Thank you for never being afraid or envious of my flame, and being the torch that ignites that flame time and time again when I am all burnt out. Thank you for seeing my every vision, even when I can’t see them myself.Thank you for reminding me to put ME first. Thank you for helping me find the beauty in everything. Thank you for being the inspiration that I always need. Thank you for telling me the importance of self-love. Thank you for helping me recognize every distraction. Thank you for loving what others cannot grasp. Thank you for giving what others cannot give. Thank you for reminding me that I am NOT too much, and that my intensity and my passion is what drives my God-given talent. Thank you for asking the pivotal question, who would I be without such intensity and passion? Thank you for recognizing my growth and all that which I escaped, all that which I have accomplished, all that I WILL accomplish.  Thank you for helping me see that the depth in which I love will one day be forever appreciated and reciprocated, because I deserve it. Thank you for constantly telling me that I am worth it. Thank you for telling me never to let anyone water down my authenticity by shunning the very best parts of me, the parts that they aren’t capable of honoring and celebrating. Thank you for loving all of me, both good and bad. Thank you for being my voice of reason when I see no reason at all. Thank you for telling me that I am not a victim, but born victorious, for I have already won through what is destined. Everyday I thank God for giving me the greatest gift that never stops giving, that is YOU! I love you, my dear Sister.

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  1. A. Barnes says:

    This was a wonderful read. It makes me wish I had a sister like yours. Thank for sharing the love you have for your sister with the world!!

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    1. T. Nicole says:

      Thank you so much Pop!! She is indeed wonderful, and I’m willing to share, loll. She loves you dearly, as do I. You will always have a Sister,Friend in me as well.


  2. A. Barnes says:

    Aww thank you son!!! I love the both of you to pieces and I mean that forever from the bottom of my heart!

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