Au Revoir Mon Amour

She wanders with no grip
Her soul can’t be clenched
So my thirst can’t be quenched
Her fire is venomously blazing
Se mefier
I will get burned
Torched by her harsh truths
Slowly unveiling the unknown
Sans espoir

She came so close
I could smell the fear on her breath
I could taste the doubt on her lips
I have no grip
She’s blind to what the third eye seeks
Deaf to what my enchanted lips speak
Se mefier
Courir vers les collines
I will get burned
Trying to subdue a flame before it’s my turn

I yearn for her vulnerability
Addicted to her physically
but there’s darkness in her mentally
she’s not where I need her to be…
A native to incongruity
Foreign to solidarity
Se mefier
Blurred lines and blurred vision
She remains hidden
So with heavy reluctance in my forced decision
I say to you…
Au revoir mon amour

Written by Tamica Nicole Β© 2016

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