Protect Your Vision

I experienced something this week, something that reminded me why I gave up on my dreams so many times before. Well I’ll be honest, I found many reasons to quit, but there is one particular reason I’m speaking about today, and that’s opposition.

  1. resistance or dissent, expressed in action or argument.
    “there was considerable opposition to the proposal”

Before I became unapologetic about my authenticity, I would allow other people’s thoughts and opinions guide me. I’d determine my next move based on what this person said, or what that person said. If someone close to me was against something, I’d throw the idea away completely. When it came to my writing, I would share with my friends and strangers, and I didn’t get negative feedback so much, but I’d get worse; little to no feedback at all. The more I wrote and the more I shared, the more the silence would offend me. Don’t get me wrong, people have given me high praises for my works, but I’m human and the bad can sometimes speak much louder than the good. I had to remember that people are fickle, and just because I’m living and breathing in my purpose doesn’t mean that a person will be as enthusiastic as me. One day a person can be all for it, and provide you with all the encouragement in the world, and the next you’ll get nothing but flat responses. Whatever your vision may be, you can’t let the fickleness and opposition from others deflate you. That can be hard to ignore when it comes from someone whose opinion you value dearly, but you have to keep moving. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve seen just how many obstacles can be put in your way when you’re on the right path. Keep moving in the direction of your light.


 When I think about people like Steve Jobs and how he didn’t give up, no matter how much opposition he faced from his friends and colleagues, and even after he was pushed out of the very company that he started. He had a vision and he stuck with it. He accepted the fact that he thought differently, and not everyone would be able to see his visions, but he stuck with it. I think about how many times Stephen King was told no, Shonda Rhimes, Oprah Winfery, and a shit ton of other very influential people that were told that something wasn’t possible. They were told that something was silly, that something didn’t make sense and the world would never get it, but they stuck with it. They sought out their vision, put a firm grip on it, and protected it with dear life.

That’s where I’m at right now. I see something, many things far greater than what’s in front of me now. I see beyond the fact that my mother will never support me because of certain parts of me, and for the simple fact that our beliefs are different. As much as that may hurt, I keep moving. I’m no longer willing to let others navigate my ship, they can’t see where I’m going, because they lack my foresight. I know I’ll have moments when I’ll be blue, but it’s too late to turn back now. In the words of Robin Sharma, what I once thought of as impossible, is now inevitable.

Written by Tamica Nicole  2016

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