The Long Run Home Pt. 4

The Long Run Home
Part Four


When I began writing this letter, I had doubts on whether or not this would in fact find its way into your hands. Then I thought about how clever you are, and how diligent you’ve been with all the neatly stacked skeletons in your closet. I mean, you had a ten year affair with my husband before I had the slightest clue of what was going on right under my nose. I spent the next ten years of my life pretending to remain clueless until the right time presented itself. Since then, I’ve been watching you Georgia; getting to know the prestigious, well respected wife of the great Benjamin Harvey. So I knew you’d receive this letter, even before your precious son had the chance to read it. Despite how meticulous you’ve been, there are some things you, yourself have no clue about. Since we’re on the subject of BJ Benjamin, he’s been sleeping with my daughter. You know Laura don’t you? Of course you do, she’s Carl’s pride and joy. See Georgia, this is a problem, a very big problem. Unfortunately, it’s not one that Carl seems to see as a threat, but if this gets out, his chances of getting into Office is ruined. That is something that I will not allow to happen. I can’t fully blame Carl for his nonchalant attitude in all of this, but I can place full blame on you Georgia. You see, during this past decade of getting to know you, I got some very heinous news, news that could in fact ruin us all. It’s time for you and I to meet face to face and finally sit down to have a talk that is long overdue. I’ll be in the parking lot of the common market tomorrow morning at my usual time, the same time you’re normally sneaking around with Carl. Be there Georgia, because I imagine you’ve already thought about what consequences would arise if our husbands ever found out the truth; that BJ Benjamin is Carl’s son.




To be continued…

Written by Tamica Nicole © 2016

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