This Little Light of Mine

Who are we not to be dreamers? Who are we not to be lovers? Who are we not to be preachers and teachers? Who are we not to be pupils with a hunger for learning and knowledge that cannot be taught in a classroom? We are everything within the universe that is pure in love and light. We all have a destination, and it’s no secret that what’s set out for us has already been affirmed, as we were crowned before conception. Just how do we reach that avowed destination? It’s what my mother always told me growing up, “Just keep on living and keep on shining.”

As women, we come face to face with oppression day after day. We were born with stigmas against us as the lesser, fragile beings. These stigmas have confined us to this box in the eyes of society where there are limits on what women should do, how far she should go, and how much she should say. I can honestly admit that I’ve hidden within the walls of this box at a point in my life. It was simple, it was convenient, and it was comfortable.  All things in which keeps one shackled in stagnant behavior. I ignored the outcries of my soul and latched on to the darkness. After all it wasn’t the darkness that I was afraid of, it was the light that frightened me, and in this I was not alone.

Fear is such a powerful thing, and it can control our every move in life. From the friends we choose to keep, the jobs we choose to take, the food we choose to eat, the books we choose to read, the cars we choose to drive, and the people we choose to love. Literally all things can be driven by fear in your everyday routine; avoiding the light within us ready to break down those walls we’ve allowed society to confine us to. However, when does being everything in which you are not start to get old? When does blending in, following this trend and that trend get boring? When do you realize that your journey is indeed YOUR journey, and no one’s journey is the same? You must tap into the light that you’re hiding from, because there are so many treasures within this light. Your passion, your purpose, your true desires, and most importantly, your authentic self are shinning in this light.

Somewhere along the way we do take that crown off, we put it on the shelf, and that dust gathers as we coast through life comfortably in the dark. It’s time we put that crown back on our heads. The journey isn’t always easy, there will be ups and downs and we’ll face heartache, pain, disappointment, and setbacks, but remember we are everything within the universe that is pure love and light. We are beautiful, authentic beings with passion and purpose crowned gracefully in the face of our oppressors. So be that dreamer, lover, preacher and teacher; keep that thirst alive for knowledge on the road to your destination. Above all, keep on living and keep on shining.

Written by Tamica Nicole © 2016
Photo Credit: Fragile, Delicate, and Innocent Black Women

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