I was once, for a very long time never open to change. In fact, change was one of those words that sent me into a frantic state. Those around me may not have been able to see past my cool, but on the inside there was Β war going on. I was pretty much a stubborn mule – refusing to change the channel, change the tune – I danced to the same beat for years. My positive attributes, such as, punctuality and organization began to become problematic. Forcing every movement of my life into a ball of control that I had a very firm grip on.

Life and one extremely intense love affair taught me that change is good, change is constant, but not before I went against it over and over again. Needless to say, my life stayed the same. I found myself in the same predicaments, the same dead end relationships with the same types of people, stuck in the same equation that I refused to solve. Its not like I couldn’t solve it, because I had all of the resources and knowledge to do so. Why would I though? I had complete control of my chaos, and even though change could mean better, why risk not having control at all?

During my teachings, I discovered how essential an open mind could be. When you’re flowing and not forcing, you notice all the beautiful things in life that you were once too busy to absorb. You know how when you take an eye exam, and the optometrist switches the lens to find your best focus? Yeah, it’s like that, it took a switch to see more clearly. Growth is immeasurable when you’re flowing and not forcing. You grow in areas of the mind that you didn’t even know you had access to. I’m at a point in my life where I feel as if I’m blooming from every pore on my body. My light and my power has no limits now that I’m flowing, not forcing.

Photo Credit: Luiz H. Ferreira

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