The Madness

The Madness

It’s a dark and stormy night, no seriously it is. The sky is falling in f’n blankets, and the only illumination about is coming from my high beams. I decided to take the scenic route this time, to avoid any mishaps we managed to escape the last time. I’m getting sloppy. The eerie hours were creeping upon me faster than I anticipated. Daylight will break soon, and I’d promised the kids that we’d spend the weekend camping. They love camping, or maybe they just enjoy spending time with me. I never knew what that felt like, you know, paternal love? My father hated my guts, and he told me that every time he got the chance. Sometimes with his mouth, sometimes with his fists, but the message was well received either way. We’re about ten minutes out, and I want to turn around, I should turn around. However, the rewind button is inaccessible now, we’ve come too far.

“You can turn around, undo this!” they yell.

Here we go again, every single time they do this. “No, I can’t, it’s too late! Just shut up!” I scream. I’m so sick of hearing their whining. I’m f’n doing this for them, the ungrateful cowards! Their indecisiveness drives me up the wall, but what else is new?

Approaching the secluded turn-off, I glance in the rearview and they’re staring back at me. It makes me feel small, like when he used to stare at me from across the room. As vocal as he was, it was what he didn’t say when looking at me that scared me the most. That’s the exact feeling I’m having in this very moment, fear.

“We’re here.” they say. I escape their stares and look out the window, trying to pierce my eyes through the darkness. I press down on the button to pop the trunk, we can’t be here long. I’m instantly drenched in the downpour as I exit the car and make my way to the trunk.

“You didn’t have to do this…”
“Yes, he did have to do this, he’s always had to do this!” they argue back and forth.

“It’s done!” I yell. It’s finally done, and maybe they’ll be satisfied now…quiet. I lift the trunk and look into those eyes, those hateful eyes. They had a madness to them, a madness that drove me here.

Written by Tamica Nicole © 2016

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