1,000 Words A Day

One thousand words a day, equals seven thousand words a week, equals twenty-eight thousand or more words a month. That sounds like a lot, especially when you’re trying to reach 75,000 words for a project. However, this morning for example, I reached 888 words before 8 AM, and yesterday I reached a word count of 1,672. My goal is not impossible, it’s reachable. I’m not going to go through any back stories of why I put my pen down for an entire year, because you know, excuses and assholes right?

I am doing something different this time. I found a very small group of people who are working on individual projects, and we meet every Sunday morning. I feel like this has added some pressure and accountability, two things that a person like me needs in order to do, well… what’s needed. So far, I’m loving the group, and the energy. Goals and deadlines have been set in place that are once again, reachable. I’ve eliminated most of the major distractions in my life, by cutting them cold turkey, and so far I got my act right again! I am convinced that the only way I can fail at this thing called life, is if I don’t follow through on my God-given purpose.

– The Determined Writer

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