I saw her today, spotted her from afar. She was in a bit of a hasty struggle, trying to escape the sheets of rainfall coming down without mercy. It was mid-morning , the air was frigid, and the sky was a cloudless grey. Her long black hair blew ferociously as she ran for cover towards the entrance of the shopping mall. She didn’t seem notice the world around her for a few moments, as she adjusted her attire. She wore a mid-length black peacoat, fitting blue jeans, and high heeled black boots. She loosened the beautiful scarf she wore around her neck. Although, frustrations stemmed from unexpectedly being caught in the rain, she held her head high. I could feel her energy radiating off her skin as she came closer. Her eyes were painted dark, which matched the theme of the morning. Her lips, my God, her lips were red, full, and passionate. The space between us was disappearing fast, and she was standing in front of me before I knew it. Those lips parted into a smile that held a sense of familiarity. I returned the smile and stepped aside as I held the door open for her. I caught a whiff of the scent I’ve only imagined a million times in my head. Then, I heard her voice, and instead of the expected “thank you”, she said my name – she knew my name…

Written by Tamica Nicole © 2016

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