A Prelude to the Kiss of Death

A Prelude to the Kiss Of Death

Walking into a building drenched in gasoline. Echoes of silence bounce off the walls. Smells of stale smoke fill my nostrils. I think I’ve been here before. With each step I take, broken promises and shattered dreams crush beneath my feet. Ignoring the warnings, I search for you in the darkness. The silence turn to screams that grow louder as the distance between us shrink little by little. Your smile cuts through the darkness and illuminates the room. You say something, but I can’t hear past the wails of terror and I can no longer see past your beauty. Deafened. Blinded. I’m reminded of the gasoline that drips from my garments, creating a puddle at my feet. I begin to speak, because now I remember. I HAVE been here before, and I hopelessly search for the door, but my body won’t move. The screams begin to pierce my soul. I have to leave this familiar place, for my life depends on it, but it’s too late. Lips upon my lips. The taste of an undying love. The taste of addiction. The taste ofย poison. The taste of pain. One brief flicker, and I go up in flames.

Written by Tamica Nicole ยฉ 2016

Photo Credit: Kiss of Death Drawingย 

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