Thoughts surrendered under arrest
Guilty. Guilty.
Capture me
I confess
Every opinion
Every view
Every belief
I want to undress
Take off your cool
Share with me

Every layer
Every twist
Every turn
Every nook
Every cranny
Every inch of your soul
I am sold
enchanted by the  persuasion of you…

Come with me
Explore with me
Discover with me
Flow with me
Vibe with me
Travel with me
Within the realms beyond the galaxies
Reveal every inch of your soul
I am sold
captivated by the convictions of you…

How do you do it?
Tell me your secret
Just who are you?
Where have you been?
More importantly
Where do you want to go?
Say you’ll go with me
To every place you’ve never been
Leave your fears where they lay

Lay down
I have more to say
Sip every word spilling from my mouth
Let them drip…
Drip from your head down to your feet
Puddle into a pool of trust
Trust me
Kiss me
Taste the future on my lips
I bare to you every inch of my soul
Are you sold?
Enthralled with the possibilities of we?

Tamica Nicole © 2016

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