Dear Aquarius I

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Dear Aquarius,

I’ve probably sat here for a good ten minutes or so thinking of a way to kick this segment of my blog off. I couldn’t think of any better way than to air out some of my own dirty laundry first. I am a February born Aquarius, who actually showed up a month early, feet first into this world. I was determined to be a water bearer! I’m a detached, know-it-all who procrastinates as if it’s my career of choice. This blog, for example – Do you know how many times it’s been opened and closed? The answer is shaming! I’m blessed to know my true calling in life, and I have put it off to thousands of tomorrows that have never arrived on my watch. My insecurities have birthed fears that have kept me from many possible successes in life. On the other hand, I’m as authentic as they come. I have many layers that make up who I am, and I am that person through and through. Flourishing in my thirties, I’ve come to a point in life where I’m no longer willing to keep quiet,ย and I’ve accepted that being different is the best thing about me. Of course, I can go on and on aboutย what’s lurking inย the deepest, darkest crevices of myself, but that’s not what I’m totally here for.

I wanted to open this segment for my fellow ‘Aquarians’ and for those who love, or beginning to love those quirky water bearing friends. We are no picnic on a breezy Sunday afternoon, but we are more than capable of super-exceeding your highest expectations. People ask me questions all the time about what it takes to be friends with, or romantically involved with an Aquarius. It’s here where I’ll share such questions and give any feedback, whether it be mine or other’s. I know we don’t have a full on positive reputation, Dear Aquarius, and we don’t cry out MISUNDERSTOOD every time we’re…well, misunderstood – Why? Because most of the time we don’t really care what people understand about us and what they don’t. However, contrary to popular belief, deep down there are thousands of feelings, warm blood, and a big beating heart just like everyone else who yearn for even the slightest bit of understanding.

If at the end of the day this reaches not a single soul, it’s my chance to prove to self that I can finally follow through with something more than a few times!


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