What Will It Take?


The world grieves once again as we mourn the fifty lives lost in the latest terror attack in Orlando, Florida – This to be the deadliest mass shooting in America to date. On Sunday, June 12th, Omar Mateen opened fire in Pulse Nightclub, killing 50 people and leaving 53 wounded. He was later neutralized by authorities shortly after their arrival. Fifty people! That’s fifty brothers/sister, fifty sons/daughters, fifty boyfriends/girlfriends, fifty humans that bleed red just as you and I do.Now there will be fifty funerals for these beautiful men and women who lost their life in a senseless act of terror. The question we never get the true answer to is, why?

We cannot trust the media, especially in times like these to report truthful information. This story, like all of the others are full of conjured up information stemming from dead end avenues and ghost sources. We’re constantly being fed premeditated and prescriptive LIES!

@ceefood “when are we gonna admit we don’t have the answers and stop making up bone head ass excuses?”

The world is so used to digesting the lies, that we justify these stories filled with more holes than your average household pasta strainer. So again I ask, what will it take? What will it take to erase the hate once and for all? The only way we survive in peace is if this world beats on peace and peace alone. However, hate is so deeply rooted in people. Hate is rooted in the earliest generations, way before the Omar Mateens, the Dylann Roofs and what seems to be the growing number of those in law enforcement were even thought of.

Although my fellow queers were targeted, I personally believe that it’s bigger than sexual preference, it’s bigger than race, it’s bigger than religion! It’s a war on power and money being fought by the earthly rulers of this wicked world. Stigmas were put into place a long time ago, and built on negative connotations to keep the hate alive. This time it just happened to be homosexuals that were targeted. Who knows who it will be next time, because we all know that there will be a next time.

Until we get the answers that may never come, we keep loving, and some way, some how we can keep love just one step ahead of hate. It’s going to take all of us to change our way of thinking one day at a time.

P.S. – Orlando, we got your back!

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