TazDaRealist: Murk Season

It’s been a long time blog world, but I’m back and super excited to launch the new site, the new brand, new writings, and new creations! If you’ve followed my blog before, you know I am a true music head, with a ear that stretches around the globe. So I figure, what better way to relaunch other than with the sharing of great music? Oh how I’ve missed this!

I’ve listened to a countless number of mixtapes this year, discovered new artist from my city all the way to France, and I must say the talent in this world is infinitely marvelous! However, there is one coming out of my city, Houston, Texas to be exact, that refuses to close 2015 without sinking her teeth into it. Ya’ll this one is playing no games!



It’s been almost 2 years since the Houston native dropped her last tape, PayHomage, so December 28th is most definitely highly anticipated! To the fans out there and the new listeners, you are indeed in for a ‘trill’ holiday season.

‘Too Trill’ is the first single and visual off Murk Season, and it’s nothing less than a banger! Not just confined to the bars she spits, Taz reveals her artistic vision behind the camera as well, assisting with the direction of her own videos.  “Class is in session, the dean of this school” is no understatement. Back with an intensified hunger, precise lyrics, and a boomin’ bass line in every track that’ll have you repeating the tape in it’s entirety over and over again.

I’ve had the pleasure of following the music journey of Taz for quite some time now. I’ve experienced the earlier sounds on BlackHeartCity and dropped my first review on the artist after the NoMercy release. So with that being said, there is one particular sound that I hear stemming from this new project, and it’s growth! It pulls through in her sound, her writing, her voice, and her demeanor. My favorite track, ‘Riot’ further elaborates on how far she’s come lyrically, and sheds light on the passion she holds. The results are proving to quite positive for this talented young woman.

I was able to have a one on one with Taz during the brewing of the growing anticipation for the release of Murk Season. It’s always nice to be able to get a sense of who the people are behind the music we enjoy. Who is TazDaRealist? What drives her passion? Well here is what we talked about!

When did you know that music was your calling, your avenue to touch the world?
      I didn’t think music was my calling until about 4 years ago when I actually recorded a song with my friend @shawtydadj, and we posted it and got so much feedback on it and I was like dang ya’ll really liked that! So I went and did a song by myself and posted it and got so much feedback i just ran with it .
Who are some of your most biggest influences in music?
     Missy Elliot , DaBrat, TI, Tupac
What are your thoughts regarding the barriers in place on female artists in the LGBT community?
      I like to feel like there are no barriers, it shouldn’t be. I don”t like to say I’m a LGBT artist, I’m an artist period.  Yes I happen to be gay but, should that matter? I feel we don’t get much respect cause we’re not rapping with our ass out and in heels, but if you don’t wanna take me serious cause of that then I don’t want you to hear my music anyway.
What’s the most memorable moment you’ve experienced during the Murk Season project?
    That would be when I recorded “Too Trill”.  I was with my homie bambino, he works with a lot of great artist from Houston, and it had been a minute since I been back to his studio so when I got in the booth and ran the verse he stopped and looked at me like baybeo you got something with this record right here! He couldn’t even mix it when it was done, he was doing it as we were recording. It was real dope, I love great studio energy.
When we’re living in our passion, the naysayers and nonbelievers tend to reveal themselves more than ever, what’s one thing you’d like to say in response to those individuals?
  If it wasn’t for you guys,  I wouldn’t have went extra hard,  but if you can focus on your dream as much as you focus on me, you can def make it as far as you want. 

NuBreed Entertainment’s TazDaRealist was 15 years old when she wrote her first song, essentially marking her place on the Houston map. If you’re from the H, then you know there’s a legit sound a Houston track has, and that sound is finessed throughout the Murk Season project!

December 28th is the day! Pre-order your copy of Murk Season here! Will be available on iTunes on the release date. Don’t say you didn’t get any gifts this year, and it’s a gift that keeps on giving. Tell your friend’s, friends to cop this tape! Tis’ the season right? Murk Season!

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